MSI GL66 Gaming Laptop (Review)

Online gaming is a form of entertainment and fun. It improves someone’s creativity, relationship with friends, and also strategic thinking. To take full advantage of gaming it is very best the mean which is used for it must be in fantastic condition and meets gaming requirements completely.

we are here to resolve this worry of everyone and present the best laptop for this purpose which has its own distinctive features and is helpful for users to acquire the best result effectively and efficiently. it’s not only helpful for users to conqueror a new era of success but also increase their competitive skills.

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MSI GL66 Gaming Laptop

MSI GL66 gaming laptop

MSI GL66 gaming laptop are one of the remarkable laptop with distinctive features as well as affordable in your low budget. It has15.5 144hz display that delivers true colors images with a refreshing frame which give minor point in the game clearly while playing.

Graphics, color contrast, image quality everything is perfectly designed, which is helpful in smooth playing. 11th generation intel core i7 processors give the best performance take on any game and application without any constrain with great ease. Nothing effect the performance of the processor provides a great advantage to a gamer to achieve his goal and give perfect competition to others.

MSI GL66 gaming laptop is powered by NVIDIA Geforce RTX, helpful to take nowadays advanced and popular games with these graphics performances. MSI GL66 gaming laptop is designed to provide great ease to gamers that can be carried everywhere due to its thinness and lightweight. It will also be helpful in one study or taken to the workplace.

There is a great problem that while playing a game processor become hot and it affects the performance of a gamer. now NSI overcome this problem by providing cooler boost technology. It ensures optimal thermal dissipation featuring state-of-the-art fans and heat pipes, helpful in airflow.

The product has a 1920×1080 pixel display which distinguishes it from other laptops and makes the gamer number one choice. It has customized keys which provides a great deal of easiness to gamers either using in any manner. the main feature of this laptop is provided full assistance and support during playing games but it is also a good companion at your workplace and home.

you can customize each key to your liking and receive real-time in-game status through keyboard lighting to even watch the light dance to your favorite tune. It has amazing sound system providence and gives minor hearing clearly. you do not need to give more attention just to hearing and easily can focus on your work attentively. combination of sound and beautiful display open for you new realms of success and increase your competitive skills.

you can learn more and more in a better way and thoroughly study and everything.
It provides the best wireless connectivity system such that Bluetooth, Wifi, USB, and HDMI.our aim is to meet your need at a highly affordable price to make your dreams come true by presenting an MSI gaming laptop.

MSI GL66 gaming Laptop Reviews:

⦁ MSI GL66 gaming laptop is designed in the old style with the latest and improved technology.
⦁ It has a powerful 11th generation core i7, paired with the lowest take on Nvidia’s ampere architecture. It drifts on the side of quietness over performance but can seem a little bit ignored.
⦁ It gives you relatively Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050 Ti an affordable budget. At this low price, you are capable to enjoy modern technology with a slightly older CPU and a few adjustments.
⦁ MSI GL66 has 16GB RAM which means the CPU has a great capacity to play and give a true dual-channel solution.
⦁ When we talk about CPU, MSI has combined it with Intel’s latest 11th generation core processor. Inside the GL66’s, you will find core i7 1800H. This is an eight-core,16- thread CPU with a base clock of 2.3GHz and a boost of double that at 4.6 GHz.
⦁ When we talk about the CPU and GPU temperature. It can handle load very well.CPU temperature will reach max 100C meanwhile GPU temperature will remain constant, while GPU max temperature will around 85C.
⦁ With extreme use of laptop on one hand fan maintain its temperature while on the other hand fans become so loud that inner voice can not be heard but overall it doesn’t affect the performance of a gamer.
⦁ MSI uses the display of 1920 ×1080 pixels which is quite perfect at this low price but when the game is played on it practically colors mixed with each other and blue color is more prominent in-game but it doesn’t affect the performance of the gamer or use in any other work.
⦁ The battery timing of this laptop during playing without any charging with full brightness is only 3 hours and 7 minutes. but if you reduce brightness so this timing increase to 6 hours.
(These reviews are given by different people in different countries after using it.)

Frequently ask questions:

Is MSI GL66 only used for gaming purposes?

An MSI GL66 is not only use for gaming purposes. It can be used at home and any other workplace.

How the graphics are equipped?

The graphics are equipped with RTX 3060 chip. This is designed especially for E-sports and can handle even the most demanding software.

What is the wattage of power brick for the laptop?

The pulse GL66 11GK-001 is shipped with a 180w power adapter.

Does the touch of the keyboard are in qwerty or azerty?

The keyboard is a qwerty style.

Does this product has a warranty internationally?

Yes, this product has a warranty internationally except in India.

Can this laptop be connected to multiple monitors?

The GL66 has only one output HDMI port. It cannot support more than one monitor.

Can this laptop be upgradable?

A Yes it can be. It can be opened, you can upgrade the graphic card. but sometimes it is hard to find the chipset that would fit specific laptops.


MSI GL66 is one of the remarkable products. It is an MSI product that is specialized in only producing gaming laptops in order to provide complete satisfaction to their customers. lt has a full-size decent keyboard with the num pad.

It offers perfect integration of software and hardware options. laptop tries to maintain its temperature while using, which gives its extra points of like. Many other companies fail to overcome this drawback.It has customized design features. The best part of this laptop has it give very distinctive features at a very affordable price.

Some of the drawbacks are it becomes loud but overall it doesn’t affect the performance. you can better play the game while plugging in otherwise the battery is running off after 3 hrs if you are exerting extra load.

Overall the performance of the laptop is very much better than other laptops available in the market. you should avail this opportunity. It is like magic that introduces you to a new era of technology as someone says Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.