Lego Roller Coaster 10261 Review

Have you ever wondered about that adrenaline-surging feeling of riding a roller coaster or even better, experienced a memorable ride on it? For any adventure junkie, a roller coaster will be a treat to last a lifetime and even for those who are not brave enough or have some phobia, screaming the heart out will definitely be something on the list. The Lego Creator Expert series puts emphasis on facing your vertigo or acrophobia by offering a perfect set that an enthusiast of super rides and someone who is a phobic can enjoy in the same way. Here comes the Roller Coaster 10261 set with a high difficulty level so that even if you are scared of taking a ride on a real roller coaster, you can prepare yourself as a skilled Lego builder.

Lego Roller Coaster 10261 Review

Test your Lego building skills and determination by assembling 4124 Lego pieces, which is not a shorter feat than being on top of the coaster or free-falling from it. Whether you have ridden a roller coaster, planning to ride or not, to build this enormous model, you should follow the Lego 10261 Creator Roller Coaster reviews to get a detailed insight. Created for anyone aged sixteen or above, this model with a functioning chain-lift mechanism and realistic details will let you relive the moments from an amusement park visit.
Measuring more than 53cm in height, 88cm in width, and 41cm in-depth, the Roller Coaster set was released on 19th June 2018 and was acknowledged as the Toy of the Year 2019 winner. It comes in a box weighing only about 998 grams and has a dimension of 23.03 x 19.29 x 7.48 inches.

What To Expect From The Roller Coaster 10261 Model

AFOLs or adult fans of Legos can make the best out of this huge yet somewhat fragile model that costs GBP 299.99 and USD 379.99. One thing you should remember is that the two halves can be moved easily although once assembled, it is hard to move unless split and then threading them together.
You will get numbered bags, including some with white boxes and you will find two instruction books containing 180 pages and 250 pages with 474 steps. In the second book, you will also find details on fitting the Power Functions Motor and integrating the Lego Boost. Let’s have a look at the highlights of the model –

⦁ Minifigures
Distributed across bags, there are eleven Minifigures including five riders, two ride attendants, a vendor of the cotton candy floss stall, two grandparents, and their granddaughter.
Among the riders, four of them look like teenagers having different reactions like scared and sleepy and you can use another figure of an old woman holding a juice glass as the juice bar operator or grandmother. The male and female Fairground staff figures with Lego logos on the back can act like ticket sellers and roller coaster operators respectively.
The short-legged girl or granddaughter buys candy floss made of upside-down beehive pieces and a pink Minifigure head for the floss. Grandfather figure with concerned and horrified faces holds a ticket on which ‘100’ is printed. Also included is one Minifigure wearing shades and can be used for a rider.

Lego Roller Coaster 10261 Review

⦁ Subsections
The Lego 10261 Creator Roller Coaster features two trains running on low-friction wheels and three cars for each. You will get seven different railway track elements to build the track with 44 pieces and a control panel with opening barriers for the covered boarding station featuring the classic buildable signage.
The fairground scenario is made alive with the inclusion of a cotton candy cart, ticket booth, concession stand, fountain, camera element, height marker, bench at waiting area, and frog figure at the pond.

⦁ Ride Operations
The Powered Up elements are not included in the set; so you need to arrange the 45303 Simple Medium Linear Motor and Powered Up 88009 hub to make the motorized chain lift function properly so that the gravity-driven train can zoom through twists and turns of the roller coaster. For realistic sound, movement sensor and automatic lift activation use Lego Boost.
Enjoy role-playing while buying tickets from the booth and proceeding to the sheltered plaza where cotton candy can be spun or fresh beverages can be served. The ride attendant ensures accurate measuring and the little girl figure can get her height measured for the roller coaster.
Once riders are on board, lap bars are to be secured and the brake is released to send the train to the base of the first climb. Once the chain lift is activated, train cars can go to the top for the first drop, and afterward, you can launch second train by moving rails.

⦁ Other Accessories
The decorated elements like money bill, ticket, pressure gauge, arrow tiles, ride control, and number pad are to be used throughout the set as necessary. As a perfect company to the Creator Expert Lego Carousel 10257, this set also includes two cotton candy treats and a height checker along with the newly added elements like 1x2x1 Bow Brick, 2x8x6 Rail Slope, flowers, stalks, and plant leaves from June 2018.

Building Experience With Roller Coaster 10261 Model

With the highlights in mind, you can now proceed to the building process of the two segments of the set and the Lego Roller Coaster review also addresses how you can add the three sub-assemblies of the cotton candy stall, juice bar, and ticket counter –

⦁ Right-hand Segment
Although a bit repetitive, building pillars along the right side with struts in between seems like an easy task. Each pillar has an octagonal ring at the bottom that clips into grey strips to form the base. With the Technic axles inside and plonking the round 2×2 brick onto the base, the pillars are securely connected to baseplates.
You will get 530 round 2×2 bricks with 74 octagonal rings for the construction and if you feel monotonous while adding round bricks on the axles, look out for the coaster signage where each letter connects behind to the fence pieces. This segment is time-consuming.

⦁ Left-hand Segment
While assembling the right side was tedious, be prepared to build this left segment from scratch again. Apart from building the usual struts between pillars, you will notice interesting diversions like exit path from photo and ticket booth placed in the bottom right corner or intricate pathway towards the entrance of the ride. Although the chain lift mechanism is not much complex, the controls below the platform are definitely so. Place the mobile candy stall with a small setup of sunshade, beehive floss, and sugar spinner.
Once the platform takes shape, the juice bar and ticket booth take place. The juice bar with lime and orange motif at the top lies below the coaster and can be accessed while Minifigures queue in front of it. To the ride entrance, the booth is assembled with one side for selling tickets and another for clicking pictures of the riders as they descend. The ride operator Minifigure can address riders on both sides as the seat sits on a turntable.
The final supporting structure of the coaster is created with struts and pillars. In this stage, you will also add the other details like exit stairways, separate entry, operator control panel, measuring stick, and gates for queue lines.

Joining And Operation
The two complete segments are first clipped to the baseplate and then tracks are connected to struts. This is the most crucial, time-consuming, and complicated step where you need to clip 203 chain links and thread those chains through the top and bottom mechanisms.
Coming to the operation procedure of the coaster on the Lego 10261 review, you will get to use three controls. Pull the left lever out to engage a wheel with the train so that you can stop the train while passing. Now, start again and rotate the handle in middle to allow movement again.
The chain hauling the train upwards to the ramp is activated with the right handle.

Eight Minifigures have revolving heads and you can set the anxious look on the riders when the train is released by the operator. If you think that manual movement up to the ramp is a bit boring, consider getting one medium motor mounted near the chain to help the train run perpetually.

Rotating wheels will help the train cars reach the top from where the first free drop at super momentum can experiment. You can use two trains together while maintaining the separation in such a way that they run continuously without colliding as long as you do not try to stop them.
You will get instructions to add Boost Box, motion sensor, and motor –instead of using PF motor, this will give you an advantage as the motion sensor will detect once each train arrives at the bottom.

Lighting Up The Roller Coaster 10261 Model

Whether having electrical skills or not, the plug-and-play light kit of the Roller Coaster 10261 will be easy to install by anyone who is six years old or above. Each kit, be it from Lightailing or Briksmax, comes with the 2-year after-sales card bearing a manufacturing warranty and you should, therefore, keep it safe. If you think the Roller Coaster can use some customization, feel free to use the random colored 16 Lego bricks.

LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster 10261 Building Kit (4124 Pieces)

⦁ The instruction manual of the lighting kit comes with illustrations supported by installation procedures described thoroughly in the universal language. In future installations, the user guide can be of great help.
⦁ The Lego lights for Roller Coaster include two light strings of multi-color changing effect, fourteen light strips in a warm white glow, three slow-flashing 30cm red, one slow-flashing 30cm white, and sic slow-flashing 15cm white lights, and eight warm white LEDs measuring 15cm each.
⦁ Passing the connecting cables smoothly in such a way that the outer look is not compromised will be an easy task using the brick separator. One 5cm, seven 15cm, and ten 30cm wires are added to the kit.
⦁ Batteries are to be arranged separately for the two LR44 battery holders and one AA battery holder. Place the 8-port and five 6-port expansion boards properly, add the Adhesive Square and multifunction board.
The kit contains the USB cable measuring 30cm for the hub and the recommended voltage for the main power is less than 5V. Make sure you test the light kit before installing so that any defective part is not missed on opening the box.