Best Queen Mattress Under $1000 2022

I have gathered some of the best queen mattresses under $1000 for you to compare so that you can find which one is the right fit for your budget. I will provide a summary of each mattress, including pros and cons, in order to help you make an informed decision about what would work best for your needs. These are all high-quality mattresses with excellent reviews from buyers on Amazon who have purchased these items before.

Sleeping on a quality mattress is essential for maintaining good health. Yet, mattresses are expensive! $1000 bucks might seem like a lot for just one mattress but when you consider that these items can last up to 10 years, this price becomes more reasonable. The following list of the top ten best queen mattresses under $1000 will help you find the perfect match without breaking your budget.

I am going to be reviewing the best queen mattresses under $1000 and will be giving you a list of reviews on each mattress. I’ll also give you my opinion on which one is the best for your needs and why!

The Best Queen Mattress Under $1000 2022

1. ZINUS 12 Inch Cloud Memory Foam Mattress / Pressure Relieving / Bed-in-a-Box / CertiPUR-US Certified, Queen

Best Queen Mattress Under $1000
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The Zinus 12-inch Cloud mattress is a luxurious hybrid mattress that offers support with its memory foam and relieves the pressure with gel. The plush microfiber creates an inviting atmosphere, comforted by the supportive 3″ of soft comfort foam layer below it. Two inches of conforming memory create contouring for your body to fall into before being cradled in 5″ high-density base support foam layers at the bottom.

It has innovative design features allowing you to flip or rotate this bed for more customization; giving you control over which firmness level feels best after time on top wears down surface levels (like sandcastles).

Zinus Memory Foam Mattress offers a comfortable sleeping experience without sacrificing support. This mattress is made of high-quality memory foam that conforms to the shape of the body for lasting comfort. The memory foam is CertiPUR US Certified, which means it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or ozone depleters. It also meets standards for content, emissions, indoor air quality, and performance.

Unboxing your new mattress is simple, just unroll it and watch the magic take its shape! We guarantee to be worry-free for ten years. Plus, our twin bed supports up to 250 lbs max while all other sizes support 500 lbs max

Our technology allows this mattress to be efficiently compressed into one box that’s easily shipped and maneuvered into the bedroom; simply unbox, unroll and this mattress does the rest. You can expect an expanded full size in under 72 hours with no commitment necessary after purchase–worry-free for a 10-year limited warranty included too!

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2. Signature Design by Ashley Chime 12″ Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress – CertiPUR-US Certified, Queen

Best Queen Mattress Under $1000
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The Signature Design by Ashley Chime 12″ Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress is a body-contouring memory foam mattress that delivers amazing support, pressure relief, and comfort. Designed with layers of memory foam for support and pressure relief, all with a comfortable feel.

The support foam core reduces motion transfer for peaceful, undisturbed sleep. Thick layers of memory foam contour your body and deliver amazing support, pressure relief, and comfort for all types of sleepers.

The all-foam construction reduces motion transfer for peaceful sleepers while the multiple layers of customizable memory foam offer personalized cushioning that will suit your sleeping style perfectly. Plus, it’s designed with a special airflow system so you’ll stay cool all night long! It comes in a box which means simple unboxing after purchase plus there are various options available depending on what sort of bed base or frame is required.”

The mattress is safe to sleep on immediately after purchase, but it can take up to 72 hours for the packaging and other odors from a new product to dissipate. The time this takes depends heavily upon room temperature, humidity levels in the air as well as ventilation within your personal bedroom space.

Ashley Furniture Industries takes the extra mile to package, protect and deliver your purchase in a timely manner. They are designed and manufactured by Ashley Furniture Industries so you can trust them for stylish furniture, lighting, rugs, or mattresses of any taste or budget.

3. Zinus 10 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress / CertiPUR-US Certified / Bed-in-a-Box / Pressure Relieving, Queen

Best Queen Mattress Under 1000
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“The Zinus 10 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is an excellent mattress for your home. It comes with 2.5 inches of green tea-infused memory foam, which allows you to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. This mattress has a poly jacquard cover that is soft and comfortable against your skin. The Zinus 10 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress also features 5.5 inches of high-density support foam, which provides the stability you need to get a great night’s sleep.”

The 2 inches of soft, airflow enhancing comfort foam and 5.5 inches of durable high-density base support foam layers work together to give you the perfect balance between comfort and support in a mattress.

Zinus Memory Foam Mattress is an ideal choice for those seeking a comfortable, supportive and affordable sleep solution. This mattress combines years of design experience with the latest in advanced memory foam technology to create quality mattresses at unbeatable prices.

The highest quality foam is CertiPUR US Certified for durability, performance, and content. You will receive a worry-free 10-year limited warranty included with your purchase. This mattress has the ability to support up to 500 pounds in all other sizes except twin beds which can only handle 250 pounds of weight without deflating or sagging over time because that could be dangerous!

4. TUFT & NEEDLE – Original Queen Adaptive Foam Mattress with Antimicrobial Protection Powered by HeiQ – CertiPUR-US – 100

Best Queen Mattress

TUFT & NEEDLE Adaptive Foam is a proprietary foam that provides pressure relief where you need it most while maintaining superior comfort and support for all sleeping positions.

Our TUFT & NEEDLE Adaptive foam is engineered based on customer feedback and provides pressure relief where you need it most. An open-cell structure provides a flexible sleep surface that adjusts to you as you move throughout the night. Our foam is more advanced than outdated materials such as latex and memory foam.

Our 10-year limited warranty includes free replacement, so if your twin mattress breaks because of the weight you put on it, we’ll give you a new one. The highest quality foam is CertiPUR US Certified for durability and performance.

HeiQ NPJ03 protects your mattress against harmful microbes that affect its lifespan. The experts at Sleepopolis pride themselves on customer service and urge you to reach out if there are any questions, problems or hesitations about the mattress. They can help you resolve these issues within 72 hours of receiving the product as it expands fully and dissipates odor.

5. Queen Mattress, 12 Inch Hybrid Innerspring Double Mattress

Best Queen Mattress Under $1000
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The Inofia double mattress is a hybrid of innerspring and memory foam. It combines the comfort of memory foam with the support of innerspring, using 7 zoned individually encased coils that are positioned at its core. On top, there are multi-layers made from CertiPUR-US certified comfort foams designed to provide targeted pressure relief as well as a better sleep experience overall for you and your partner!

Instead of having a hot summer night’s sleep, choose the Breathable Mattress to Sleep On by Amerisleep! This mattress has amazing breathability that allows you to stay cool all throughout your slumber.

The dual-layered soft knitted fabrics are super breathable and can help release moisture while regulating sleeping climate at the same time–giving out airy mesh on each side for heat dissipation. Furthermore, independently encased coils beneath enhance the airflow which makes it easy for you to get rid of HOT when using this bed mattress during your night sleeps!

The 101 hassle-free Night Sleep Trial allows you to try out your new mattress without any risk or commitment. Additionally, our warranty covers all manufacturing defects: sagging, dips, waves bumps, and decompression issues!

6. Queen Mattress, Sweetnight 12 Inch Queen Size Mattress

Best Queen Mattress
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The queen-size mattress is made with two layers that are easily removable and washable. One layer protects the memory foam while another helps you sleep cool by absorbing body heat, letting air circulate around your bed so it doesn’t get too stuffy at night.

It’s easy to care for, just remove both covers when washing them in a machine or taking them to the dry cleaner – no need for sheets! Exclusive 3-Zone Foam For Relaxing Night Of Sleep: The queen-size mattress comes with exclusive high-quality three-zone customized foam designed especially for optimum comfort during restful nights of sound slumber.

The Queen size mattress is designed with exclusive foam. It has 4 layers and 3 zones that adapt to the shape, weight, and size of anybody for perfect support. The queen memory foam bed keeps your body properly aligned & relieves pressure at a cooling sleep temperature while also helping those with back pain sleep soundly on medium-firm feel.

Made from pillow top gel memory foam and a high-density comfort layer this 12-inch full queen mattress provides ultimate comfort by cradling every curve in one’s figure perfectly.

The Maker of the Fair Price Pillow Top Queen Mattress Provides Unmatched Comfort and Relieves Pressure Points
We as The maker, offer queen-size mattresses that are CertiPur-US certified free of chemicals like formaldehyde, mercury, and other heavy metals. We also provide 10 years warranty along with our product to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Our customers keep their gel memory foam mattresses for over 96% longer than traditional coil spring ones because they respond perfectly to body weight & temperature which relieves pressure points. They fit all types of platforms like box springs or floor slatted bases flat platforms etc.

7. Queen Size Mattress, Sweetnight 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress with Three Firmness Levels from Soft to Firm

Best Queen Mattress
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The Sweetnight queen size bed mattress is designed to have three firmness levels in one mattress. The top side has gel memory foam, which provides a soft and medium-firm feel; while the bottom side with high-density foam offers users an extra sturdy platform for their comfort needs. Flip around this plush sleeper whenever you want!

The Sweetnight 12″ queen memory foam mattress is designed with a curved foam construction that conforms to your body shape, providing targeted support to shoulder pain and relieving back pain. The high density of the memory foam allows this bedding product to last for years without any sagging or breaking down. Enjoy every day starting off full of energy with the high-density memory foam mattress from Sweetnight!

The cooling gel-infused memory foam mattress will give you a more restful and comfortable night’s sleep. The mattress is compatible with most surfaces or frames such as the floor, slatted base, box spring, or flat platform. It measures 60″ W x 80″ L x 12″.

Sweetnight one-piece jacquard cover with certified memory foam is modern and elegant. The eco-friendly memory foam uses the CertiPUR US certification, which assures you to sleep on a safe mattress made for your children’s healthiness during their growth years. We recommend sleeping on it 72 hours before returning back 100%. Our firm queen-size 10-year warranty mattresses are designed to provide assistance.

8. Casper Sleep Element Mattress, Queen

Best Queen Mattress Under $1000
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The Casper mattress is a great product that relieves pressure, prevents sinking and sagging. It’s also very supportive of the whole body with AirScapeTM breathable foam for increased airflow to prevent extra heat build-up at night. The trial lasts 100 nights along with free returns within 100 days if you are unsatisfied in any way!

The Element is engineered to combine softness and support. The top layer of memory foam conforms to your body, relieving pressure while the AirScapeTM perforated breathable foam increases airflow so you don’t get too hot at night. Finally, a durable base foam prevents sinking or sagging for complete whole-body support.

The Element is designed to be a balance of softness and support. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty, has memory foam that supports pressure points while cradling curves, an eco-friendly cover made from recycled materials which easily zips off for cleaning purposes.

9. ZINUS 12 Inch Green Tea Cooling Swirl Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

Best Queen Mattress Under 1000
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The Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Cooling Swirl Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress is the perfect marriage of comfort and support. Our cooling swirl memory foam and independent coil system eliminate excess heat and motion from a sleeping partner, for sleep that’s no sweat.

Enjoy all-over body-conforming support with this mattress in any position you choose to sleep in. The individually wrapped coils provide great back support, while the pressure-relieving properties of our cooling swirl memory foam help you get a great night’s rest!

This mattress has layers of soft comfort foam, cooling swirl memory foam, supportive fusion foam, and motion-isolating independent pocket springs. These are all CertiPUR US Certified for durability, performance, and content. This technology allows the mattress to be efficiently compressed into one box that is easily shipped it maneuvered into the bedroom; simply unbox then unroll this mattress does the rest expanding within 72 hours.

The worry-free 10-year limited warranty included with this mattress helps to protect it against defects that are not the result of normal wear and tear. The twin size supports a maximum weight of 250 lbs while all other sizes can support up to 500 lbs.

10. Sleep Innovations Shiloh Medium Memory Foam Mattress Queen

Best Queen Mattress Under $1000 dollar
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The Shiloh mattress is a memory foam bed that provides medium-level support with a triple-layer design. The top layer of the mattress is made up of memory foam which cradles your body and relieves pressure points while you sleep.

The middle layer contains a gel that helps to distribute heat evenly throughout the mattress, keeping you cool and comfortable all night long. This layer also features airflow channels that help circulate air throughout the mattress, reducing heat build-up and making sure you stay cool all night long.

The 14 inch Shiloh mattress with memory foam technology provides the perfect balance of comfort for all sleep positions, keeping your back and body supported at a comfortable temperature.

Look no further than our selection of eco-friendly mattresses to find the perfect fit. We have options for every sleeper type, including side sleepers and stomach sleepers looking for motion isolation, edge support, and/or breathability in a mattress made from organic materials that are free of harsh chemicals.

We offer a variety of types and styles of mattresses to suit different preferences, which means we have the perfect match for you. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality sleep at an affordable price- our memory foam is CertiPUR US certified as well as made in America with eco-friendly materials so that your health doesn’t suffer from sleeping too soundly! Get 10 years’ worth of use out of it by using this warranty offered up with each purchase.

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Best Queen Mattress Under $1000 Buying Guide

Best Queen Mattress Under 1000 Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a queen mattress under $1000, then you have come to the right place. This buying guide can help you find a high-quality mattress that won’t break the bank.

Think to consider when buying a queen mattress quality, room size, price, durability, Warranties, etc.


The quality of your mattress is one of the most important factors when it comes to getting a good night’s rest. And that’s why you should never sacrifice quality for the price.

You’ll want to consider both the materials used in your mattress as well as the construction processes involved in making each mattress. A great rule of thumb is the higher the number of coils, the better support your mattress will provide.

The thicker the mattress, the better it is – 8 inches is a good standard for a queen size mattress. You’ll want to look out for any potential weak points in your mattress as well – such as a thin cover or a low thread count.


Price should be one of the first things you think about when looking for a new mattress. Some mattresses are worth their weight in gold, but there are other products out there that aren’t even close to being worth what you’re paying. With queen-sized mattresses, it’s especially important to spend the time learning about your options. If you don’t do enough research or fail to think about price, then you could end up with a mattress that doesn’t meet your expectations—or worse, one that isn’t even comfortable!

Room Size

This is another important factor to consider when looking for the best queen mattress. If you have a tight budget but are looking for something that’s at least of decent quality, then you should prioritize room size over price.

The last thing that you want to do is buy a product online and take it home only to find out that it doesn’t fit in your room. This isn’t just annoying, it’s also dangerous since mattresses are heavy and cumbersome to move around.


When you’re looking for the best queen mattress for under $1000, then you should always think about durability. The great thing about these products is that they can last for several years—as long as you take care of them.

What you need to do is clean your mattress regularly—even if it doesn’t look dirty, because sweat, skin cells, and other contaminants can lead to problems over time. Fortunately, all of the products on this list are easy to clean so cleaning shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Another thing that you should think about is how durable the different products are. Some products are well-constructed and will last for several years, while others might only last six months or so before falling apart.

The top queen mattress that you can buy today should be at least somewhat durable, but you also need to consider the stitching and the materials used in constructing it. You want to go with something that looks well-made and has enough padding so that you can feel comfortable sleeping on it each night.


This is another thing that you should think about when buying a new mattress. Warranties can be important because they show just how much the company believes in their product and how confident they are that it will last for several years.

A lot of people make the mistake of completely ignoring warranties, but you shouldn’t do this. The worst thing is that if a company offers a warranty, then you still might end up paying for repairs. This is something that happens when companies know their product is going to fail in a short amount of time.

Another thing that you should think about when it comes to warranties is the different options available. Some companies offer limited warranties while others have incredible protections in place

What Type of Mattress is Best for Me?

Many people don’t know the difference between innerspring, memory foam, or latex. Learning about these differences will help make your decision easier because you’ll be able to determine which type of product is best for your needs.

Innerspring Mattress:  An innerspring mattress has thousands of small coils that provide support and can last for many years without sagging or losing any firmness. Since these types of mattresses are so durable, they’re the most popular option on the market today.

Memory Foam Mattress:  When you’re looking for the best mattress under $1000, then it’s worth considering memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are popular because they reduce pressure points and can be customized to your liking. They provide comfort and durability at an affordable price—plus, some types of memory foam can even be folded up and put away in a closet or other storage space.

Latex Mattress: Latex mattresses are similar to memory foam, but they have one important difference—they don’t trap heat like memory foam can. If you’re looking for the best mattress under $1000, then latex might not be your best option because it’s more expensive compared to other types of mattresses.


When you’re trying to save money, then it’s important to consider price before anything else. The great thing about the products on this list is that they’re affordable and still high-quality in their own way.

You shouldn’t assume that something is too good to be true simply because it has a low price tag. As long as you look into the product and think about what you’re getting for your money, then you shouldn’t run into any issues.

What is a Queen Mattress?

A queen mattress is 4 inches wider and almost 2 inches longer than a full mattress. Compared to a full mattress, it provides 20% more sleeping surface. This extra width and length help couples sleep comfortably on the same bed without invading each other’s space or being pushed to the edge of the bed.

Why buy a queen mattress under $1000?

Getting a queen-size mattress can be expensive. However, you don’t have to spend an excessive amount of money in order to get the quality and comfort that you deserve from your bed. Many companies offer reasonably priced mattresses that still meet the needs of many sleepers.

As a general rule, most consumers can expect to pay about $1,000 or less for a queen-sized mattress that is comfortable and made with quality materials. However, there are some exceptions to this general rule of thumb.

What are the benefits of owning a queen mattress?

The main benefit of owning a queen-size mattress is that you have more room to sleep comfortably without invading your partner’s space. If you’re in a relationship then it’s also nice to know that you can enjoy sleeping in the same bed together without feeling crowded.

How much does a queen size mattress cost?

A queen-size mattress costs about $500 to $3,000 depending on the materials used and where you buy it from. If you’re looking for a good value then consider buying a set instead of just the mattress. A queen-size mattress and box spring set costs an average of $650.

What are the Different Types of Mattresses?

There are four basic types of mattresses: innerspring, memory foam, air, and futon mattresses.

Inner Spring Mattress These types of mattresses use traditional metal coils as their main support system. They allow air to flow between the coils for added comfort and durability, which makes them an excellent choice if you’re looking for a bed that offers good back support. They also offer better breathability than foam mattresses, which makes them a good option for those with allergies. This type of mattress is inexpensive and readily available at most department stores, furniture shops, and online retailers.

Memory foam Mattresses These types of mattresses contour the shape of your body and provide excellent support. They are often preferred by people who suffer from back pain because they reduce pressure points and provide support where it’s needed most. They also help keep your spine in a neutral position, which reduces pain caused by spinal disc compression. Their only downside is that they tend to sleep hot because they don’t allow air to flow through the mattress.

Air Mattress Air mattresses use air coils or air foam as their main support system. They are also known as “air beds” or “inflatable mattresses”. Air mattresses are easy to use and relatively lightweight, which makes them a good option if you travel frequently. Because they don’t have any springs, air mattresses provide little support for your body. This means that people who need extra support should probably go with a different type of mattress.

Futon Mattress Futon mattresses are generally made of cotton, wool, and foam. They can be used as beds or as sofas, which makes them ideal for those who live in tiny apartments or for those who like to frequently change the layout of their living area. However, their lack of support makes them a poor choice for people who suffer from back pain.

What are Three Universal Features of High-Quality Mattresses?

You can judge whether or not a mattress is high-quality based on the following three universal features:

1) A thick layer of memory foam  The thicker the layer, the more comfortable you’ll be when you sleep on the mattress. However, thicker layers are also more expensive.

2) A soft top  The firmer a mattress is, the better it’ll be at providing support for your body. The problem with very firm mattresses is that they often feel too stiff and uncomfortable for some people which makes them poor choices if you prefer sleeping on soft mattresses.

3) A sturdy coil system  A quality coil system is more durable than a cheap one. Plus, it’ll also help you sleep cool by allowing air to flow underneath the mattress.


The 10 Best Queen Mattresses Under $1000 were all found to provide good value, but the best mattress for you will depend on your personal preferences. Do you want a super soft or firm feel? Memory foam or natural latex? Or maybe a memory foam and coil combo that adjusts to your body’s pressure points for ultimate comfort.

Get in touch with our team of experts today if you have any questions about which type is right for you at contact us. We can help guide you through what types are available so that no matter how much money you have budgeted, we guarantee there’s something out there just perfect for YOU!