Best Portable Clothes Dryer 2021

In this article, we are going to be comparing the Best Portable Clothes Dryer 2021. We are going to look at the pros and cons of each dryer, as well as some features to consider when choosing. In this review, we will be looking at the best clothing dryers and also compare them against each other so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

The portable clothes dryer is one of the most common household items used today. It allows you to dry your clothes using just a power adapter, without using the electric or gas grid. The drying speed depends on the capacity of the dryer itself and the power of the dryer’s heating element.

If you are looking to make some extra money in the fashion industry then you need to know about the latest fashionable items. No matter how much you get into fashion it’s hard to stay ahead of other people. The only way to do this is to actually study trends and use pretty much every piece of clothing that comes out. To help you with this all, we have gathered the best portable clothes dryer of 2021. These dryers will make sure your clothes are delivered at the right temperature without you having to put on a lot of effort.

There are several dryers you can use for drying clothes. There are air-powered, portable clothes dryers and electric clothes dryers. You can also use clothes dryers that look like washing machines. One of the most common types of clothes drying is hand-drying.

Best Portable Clothes Dryer 2021

The Portable Clothing Dryer is a necessity in the kitchen. Whether you’re cooking for a large family or a small group, having a portable clothes dryer like this can prove to be very useful. On top of that, it saves you a lot of valuable time. For instance, you don’t have to put the clothes in the washer and hope that it’ll be dry in no time. We have a list of the best portable clothes dryer and buyer’s guides for you.

10 Best Portable Clothes Dryer 2021

1. Magic Chef MCPMCSCDRY1S MCSDRY1S 2.6 cu. ft. Laundry Dryer

 Best Portable Clothes Dryer 2021

The Magic Chef MCPMCSCDRY1S MCSDRY1S 2.6 cu ft. A laundry Dryer is an ideal choice for efficiently washing and drying your laundry without the expense of a large, high-capacity dryer.

It features a stainless steel inner drum to ensure even heat distribution during the drying cycle and a powerful, energy-saving electric motor. The dryer comes equipped with an adjustable timer to ensure that your clothes are dry when you need them and features an eight.

Here is a perfect addition to start your laundry room. This is a great machine for any family. It has an amazing capacity with a dryer and softener dispenser being built in. The front-loading feature allows you to use less space than other laundry methods.

This machine has some great features like the swing door, softener injection system, and PTC heating element. If you want to wash clothes, then this machine is the best choice for you. Swingers door with two-way viewing.

This product is designed and manufactured to be used for washing and drying clothes, bedding, towels, and other fabrics. It can also be used for drying small items such as kids’ toys, nursery and baby stuff, stockings, linens, etc.

This dryer helps you to wash your clothes at home without the hassle of packing and unpacking clothes in the machine from your closet. The door on this dryer opens like a swinging door and can be opened without putting something else in the dry.


  • Durable Stainless Steel Inner Drum.
  • 5 Drying Options with Hi-Lo Temperatures.
  • Enhanced Drying with Lint and Air Intake Filter.
  • High-Quality PTC Ceramic Heating Element.
  • Easy-Set Control Knob for Convenient, Timed Drying.
  • Swinging Door with Integrated Viewing Window.
  • Multiple Installation Options, Including Wall-Mounting Hooks.

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  • Easy-set control knob makes operation convenient
  • Comes with a durable and rust-free stainless steel drum
  • Adjustable timer control set the dryer on a specific drying cycle
  • Noisy operation

2. Panda Portable Spin Dryer for Swimsuits and Laundry PANSP22 

 Best Portable Clothes Dryer 2021

This Panda Portable Spin Dryer portable is perfect for doing laundry on the go. Its high-speed spin speed helps to dry your clothes faster, as compared with conventional clothes dryers, saving you time. Featuring a durable and lightweight design, this portable dryer is designed for easy packing and storing away, allowing you to wash all of your laundries at home. Easy to use and set up this portable machine.

Designed with a unique and powerful motor, this spin dryer is perfect for your household. Small enough to fit easily on your laundry room counter, the compact design comes with several features that make it easy to operate.

With a powerful motor, the portable spin dryer gets your laundry almost dry (not 100% dry, slightly damp) and saves line time. The convenient drying cycles and multiple settings allow you to get your clothes ready quickly and save money online time.

A versatile and practical way to get rid of your laundry, this portable spin dryer is an effective method for drying your clothes. It will save you time and energy used in line-drying your clothes. With a larger capacity than most portable spin dryers, it will handle more than just swimsuits and underwear. The high-speed 3200 RPM drum and super wide opening mean that even large items can be dried quickly with this appliance, which is great for items such as towels, jeans.


  • Stainless steel drum and steel exterior
  • 110V outlet and 3200 RPM spinning speed
  • Gravity drain
  • Fast and efficient and saves line time
  • Dries up to 90%
  • Very fast and efficient
  • Compact design with large capacity
  • Excellent for the price
  • Uses spinning instead of heat to dry, so it doesn’t get hot
  • You can see when clothing is dry (based on water output)
  • Straightforward to operate (stop and start option)
  • Locking lid for safety
  • Won’t get clothes completely dry

3. Panda Portable Ventless Cloths Dryer Folding Drying Machine with Heater

 Best Portable Clothes Dryer 2021

This portable dryer will help you clean your clothes while traveling. Also, it will save energy and water, and save time for you when you don’t have to wait for your usual laundry time to finish. This is perfect for your everyday life, the drying time of this clothes dryer is very quick and it dries your clothes in a short time.

It is great for small areas and travel and because of this it is extremely cheap and has a long warranty, it is also perfect for any student.

Panda is the top brand in Washing Machine /Dryer Category. Panda offers various choices for your need with excellent quality and customer service. We offer excellent quality & value, which will satisfy any requirement of your customers. We provide high-quality products at affordable prices with reliable after-sales service.

It is a perfect choice for your washing and drying needs. It saves you from all those frustrations of hauling around a bulky, full-size dryer. You can hang it up anywhere you like in your house with ease, so when the time comes to wash something, just reach for this machine and it will do the rest.

The stand is made of stainless steel that resists any corrosion or rust and the heat vent. Panda is a Top Brand in various choices for your need with excellent quality and customer service easy to assemble and disassemble. No Vent or special outlet needed120V outlet, plug anywhere you like.


  • Foldable rack
  • Control panel at the bottom
  • 120V outlet
  • Very easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Perfect for smaller living areas

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  • Fun and innovative design
  • Very cheap
  • Very efficient
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • 9.5 x 11.25 x 21 inches small surface area saves space
  • Average build quality

4. Panda PAN875W 3.75 cu. Ft. Portable Compact Landry Dryer

 Best Portable Clothes Dryer 2021

This compact dryer gives you the space you need for easy storage. Make your laundry easier with this compact 3.75-cu. ft. unit that’s easy to carry, set up, and store away. Portable enough to take on vacation or camping trips and small enough to fit in the trunk of a car, this dryer is the perfect size for any home or dorm room. Featuring a stainless steel drum so you can dry large loads of clothes fast, this dryer can also be installed.

The Panasonic 3.75 cu. ft. dryers are designed to provide the finest quality of dry clothes options while maintaining a high energy efficiency for energy-efficient and compact portable laundry appliances.

Space savers that take up less space in any laundry room. The extra-large capacity and powerful drying capabilities of this portable dryer are perfect for households with numerous items to dry. Washing machines, dishwashers, and other miscellaneous items will all be dried efficiently and quickly.

Overall, this dryer is perfect for small households with this capacity, which is enough for weekly washing. It’s highly functional, versatile, and modern which makes it a great purchase.


  • 120V outlet
  • 6 cubic feet/ 8.8 lbs capacity: perfect for smaller loads
  • Stainless steel drum and integrated viewing window
  • Intelligent humidity sensor, touchscreen control pad, and automatic modes
  • Multi-installation modes
  • Good for the price
  • Efficient and fast
  • Visually appealing
  • No such cons to be found

5. Sentern 2.65 Cu.Ft Compact Laundry Dryer

 Best Portable Clothes Dryer 2021

SENTERN 2.65 Cu.Ft Compact Dryer is a compact dryer, that is quiet and energy-saving. It uses a ‘one set’ and ‘three stages’ system that can dry clothes in 3 steps. The unit can dry up to 9 pounds of clothes in 120 minutes. The Clothes dries are well dried without any wrinkled.

This versatile dryer complements many of today’s family lifestyles. It’s small and compact enough for smaller spaces. The internal components are powerful enough to dry even the heaviest loads.

This is a great choice for families that want to conserve space in their laundry rooms or move their clothes to a more convenient location. The bottom level features a fully tumbled drum so it can handle the toughest of loads. The ability to air dry clothes allows you to prolong the life of your favorite items.

The Laundry Dryer is compact and efficient, this dryer works harder to dry your clothes, sheets, and towels faster. Features: Anti-Wrinkle. Air Dry. Drying cycle selection. With 9L capacity, it has a powerful interior dryer component with a rapid cycle-dry function and the inner drum rotates at high speed, which is more energy-efficient and effective in drying your clothes.

It is made with an external metal hard shell, stainless steel inner tub, lint and air intake filter, and all timeless components of the dryer with an integrated viewing window. Overall, it is the perfect inexpensive choice for weekly washing, for an RV, or for a small apartment.


  • Compact design
  • 5 drying modes
  • Inner powerhouse lets it function at high voltage raising inner temperatures up to 140 degrees
  • Quiet tumble dry
  • 9 lbs capacity
  • Good heating option selection
  • Accelerated drying
  • Inexpensive
  • Controls at the bottom call for a bit of bending down which a lot of people prefer not to do

6. KASYDoFF Clothes Dryer Portable 1500W 1.7 Meters 3-Tier Foldable Clothes Drying

 Best Portable Clothes Dryer 2021

KASYDoFF Portable Dryer is the best solution to your problem. The height of this portable dryer is 1.7 meters, it allows you to dry as many items as possible at once and adjust a large number of items and also keep clothes wrinkle-free.

Its stylish design is a great addition to any house and offers a 3-tier folding dryer which allows for a large capacity when folded up. It also comes with a wide variety of features that allows you to have a convenient and easy time when you hang up your clothes.

New fashion clothing drying system with Digital Automatic Timer. The dryer is supplied with a remote control that operates the timer and also has a drying meter and temperature display. No more walking back and forth to the laundry room! Giving you the freedom and convenience of dryer and laundry in one place. This dryer-washer has an automatic digital timer which allows you to set a convenient time to run the cycle. Does not require electricity, just a standard outlet.

It is suitable for commercial and residential use. The large-capacity model can hold up to 15kg of clothing. Twelve towel bars can be used to hang towels and socks. Silent drying keeps you away from the noise. The temperature is controlled between 50 and 70 degrees, with abnormal closing function. It has a maximum drying time of 240 minutes and a wear capacity of 33 pounds.

Within one year of your purchase, we will provide free replacement services. As long as there is a product quality problem, we will change it unconditionally.

Product Accessories

  • Long stainless steel pipe(25 pcs)+Short stainless steel pipe (6 pcs)
  • Packaging box
  • Cloth cover
  • Towel bar(12 pcs)
  • Remote control
  • Heater
  • Support frame(8 pcs)
  • Castor (4 pcs)
  • Fixed mount(2 pcs)
  • Spare parts:Castor+Fixed mount+Remote control+Installation glove

Dual Safety protection

  • Anion Sterilize Clothes Dryer : (ANION – Negative Ion) Sanitizing Clothes Dryer which helps the dryer clean the clothes prevent causing mold spores, pollen, odors, bacteria, viruses, dust and other hazardous airborne particles.
  • Intelligent temperature Control, Completely eliminate overheating accident which ensure safeness.
  • Thermostat will cut down the power when the dryer temperature reach 158℉ . And dryer will restart after the temperature falls.
  • Fuse protector will cut down the power when the thermostat become invalid and the temperature reach 194℉.
  • May be easily folded and unfolded
  • Anion clothes sterilization
  • Remote control for temperature and cycle adjustment
  • Folds down for transport
  • Includes a negative ion function for sanitizing clothing
  • Takes up a lot of vertical space when assembled

7. Clothes Dryer, 9 lbs Load Portable Dryer for Apartments, 2.65 Cu.Ft 1400W

 Best Portable Clothes Dryer 2021

This compact dryer features a 1400W motor for powerful laundry performance. The 4 automatic drying modes are perfect for use in large households with 2–4 loads per day. A protected stainless steel tub and LIXD® sensor system ensure the highest level of sanitization and absorbency. An ultra-quiet operation and energy-efficient design make this dryer a great choice for today’s busy lifestyles.

The compact size makes it perfect for smaller spaces or apartments. The dryer is energy efficient. It has a sensor system that senses the type of clothes you’re drying and automatically switches between the 4 drying modes.

When your clothes are dry, the energy-saving system automatically uses the addition principle to prevent hot air. You can still wear your beautiful clothes every day. The dryer is only 56-60 decibels while working, without interruption. Suitable for 110V or 120V.

This small-sized portable dryer works well for apartments, dorm rooms, and the home. Its compact size makes it perfect for tight spaces. The device comes with 4 adjustable legs and a mounting seat (if you prefer to save floor space in your bathroom or laundry room).

Its 1400W output can handle longer loads which are perfect for larger families or multiple uses. The 4 automatic drying modes ensure your clothes are always dry when you need them. The stainless steel tub is durable and easy to clean, and the simple locking method means no parts will fall off.


  • Efficient Drying
  • Wind Guide Accessories
  • Wall-mounted Accessories
  • Easy to Carry
  • Classic design
  • Wide temperature range
  • Energy Efficient product
  • Bottom control panel placement (may be inconvenient when placed on the floor)

8. COSTWAY 1700W Electric Portable Clothes Dryer

 Best Portable Clothes Dryer 2021

COSTWAY electric clothes dryer offers a wide variety of benefits. clothes dryer’s portable design makes it easy to move from one home to another. COSTWAY electric clothes dryer’s large capacity makes it an ideal choice for large families.

COSTWAY electric clothes dryer features a powerful 13.2 lbs capacity to cater to the majority of your laundry needs and a massive 3.22 cubic feet of laundry space that ensures you get the most value for your money.

The COSTWAY Clothes Dryer is the perfect solution to your drying needs. The large capacity of its 13.2 pounds
Capacity assures that you’ll have enough room for a variety of clothing. It features a streamlined design
and energy-efficient design that makes this dryer an easy choice to store in your laundry room or laundry closet. The clothes dryer features a stainless steel tub and Tumble System for fast drying and stain removal.

Equipped with a powerful 120v / 60Hz motor unit and PTC heating element, the inner drum will quickly generate hot airflow to provide stable drying performance in low noise. Our electric cloth dryers are equipped with four layers of intake and exhaust filters that are easy to clean, operate efficiently, and save energy.

This electric laundry dryer weighs only 60.6 pounds. The portable size fits perfectly in your apartment, dorm room, and a small corner of the house.

  • Removes Wrinkles
  • Fast Drying Clothes, Saving Time
  • Restores the Fluffy and Comfortable Fabrics
  • Stylish design
  • High performance
  • Needs to be vented

9. AICOOK Compact Laundry Dryer

 Best Portable Clothes Dryer 2021

AICOOK Compact Dryer, 1400W Electric Portable Clothes Dryer with Stainless Steel Tub, Control Panel Downside Easy Control for 4 Automatic Drying Mode is very easy to dry the clothes with a large capacity of 10 pounds. And it also has a control panel which is very easy to control the drying speed, temperature, and also a timer. We recommend it for all the family’s everyday use.

The portable clothes dryer is of high quality and it has a modern is used for drying wet clothes. This clothes dryer with 1400w power and 10 lbs large capacity(10 pounds is the weight of wet clothes), this portable clothes dryer is a great option for simple everyday laundry needs.

One button control panel is located on the side of the unit, which makes it easy to operate and also saves space because it takes less than half the space as a traditional dryer. This portable clothes dryer is equipped with 4 automatic drying modes – Normal Mode, Speed Mode 135°.

We recommend no more than 5.5 pounds of clothing at a time. Depending on the material and weight of the fabric, you can set the length of drying time or different mode: Cool (0-220 minutes): Cool the temperature, Warm (30-120 minutes): Dry and cool cloth Anti-wrinkle, hot (120-200 minutes): To dry large quantities or large items, run air dry (0-80 minutes) in the fresh air with cool air.


  • Easy to Carry
  • Wind Guide Accessories
  • Wall-mounted Accessories
  • Small And Lightweight
  • Professional Sensor System
  • Multiple Drying Settings
  • No such cons to be found

10. COSTWAY Compact Laundry Dryer

 Best Portable Clothes Dryer 2021

COSTWAY compact laundry dryer is a great choice for everyday use at home, thanks to its compact size. It’s easy to use with the control panel on the top. It has four different automatic drying modes, and the water level indicator helps you avoid overloading. The tub is stainless steel and prevents rust and corrosion. One of the features that make this clothes dryer so great is that it’s portable. You can unfold it and fold it in a small space where you want to.

This compact laundry dryer with stainless steel tub has a high power of 850W, making it fast and efficient. It has 10 lbs large capacity, allowing you to dry lots of laundry at once. It is a 4-speed operation machine with 3 drying modes. You can operate this machine in 4 automatic features: Drum to Clothes, Cotton to Dry Clothes, Dry Ironing, and Dry Clothes. This dryer is very easy to use, you only need to press the button on the.

It is a compact electric clothes dryer that can be used to dry clothes in your home or in your room. This dryer is a perfect choice for students, couples, and families who are working on a small space. The design of the stainless steel tub makes this clothes dryer more durable, and you can use it longer.

COSTWAY clothes dryer with a design that makes it easy to clean and maintain. It is a dryer that has a folding door, which is easy to fold and store when not in use. To provide a comfortable environment, the noise of this fabric dryer is minimal. So please don’t worry, it won’t affect your normal conversation and sleep.

  • Large Load Capacity
  • Light-Weight Design
  • High Quality Materials
  • Small size

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  • Capacity
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