Are Gaming Chairs Good For Your Back Support?

Gaming chairs are one of the up-and-coming products which are made for gamers with back problems, or who spend long hours sitting in front of their computer.

Many people have bought them so far with many positive reviews about how it has helped prevent back pain, neck aches, etc.

This article will give an overview of what gaming chairs can do, and what they can not do.

First I will talk about the positives of gaming chairs:

1. Adjustable for your preferred position – You can adjust most gaming chairs in many ways, such as height adjustment with gas lift, adjustable lumbar support, and adjusting armrests for better grip and more ergonomic mouse positioning.

2. Comfort – Most gaming chairs come with thick pads, and some even include a headrest pillow. Many users report that they feel more comfortable sitting in their chair than on an office chair.

3. Price – Gaming chairs are cheaper than other ergonomic office chairs, but still significantly more expensive than normal computer chairs.

4. Big Variety of Brands and Models – There are many models from many different brands, and also a big variety of colors so that you can choose your favorite color.

5. Massage Function – Many of the chairs have massage functions for your back and even knees just like a shiatsu chair.

6. Can Turn Into Other Furniture – Gaming chairs often can turn into other furniture, like a computer chair, etc.

There are also some downsides to gaming chairs:

1. Not comfortable for long periods of time – Many people report that gaming chairs are not comfortable when sitting in them for longer than 1-2 hours, mainly because you sit more upright than on an office or racing chair.

2. Lack of adjustability – Some people report that they can not get their preferred ergonomic position and that the chair is not very adjustable in some ways.

3. No good if you’re too heavy – If you weigh more than about 180 pounds, then the chair’s legs may break when you sit down on it, especially if you are heavy in the buttocks. The chairs are not designed to support more than 200 pounds, so anyone who’s heavier may have problems with it.

4. May does not last for years – The materials used in gaming chairs are often cheaper compared to other ergonomic office chairs, and some parts may wear out just after a few months of use.

1. DXRacer – A very popular brand with many big names in e-sports, but also can be expensive depending on model and features.

2. AK Racing – One of the top brands for gaming chairs, which looks great and functions well, but is still affordable for most people.

3. Vertagear – A new brand that has got a lot of positive feedback from users, but there are not as many different models as from DXRacer and AK Racing.

Use your gaming chair in the best way:

Gaming chairs may not help you with your back pain, but using a good chair for gaming can still help prevent some problems.

Try to keep at least 1-2 hours of break from playing games every few hours, and stretch your legs from time to time if you’ve been sitting in the same position for a long time. By doing this you can prevent back pain, neck aches, and other problems.

Also, remember to take your time when adjusting your chair for the first few times, so you get it right.

That’s about it! Keep gaming, but use a good chair for gaming if you want to avoid health issues.

Do some research on what chair is best for you before buying a gaming chair.

An ergonomic office chair is always a great choice if you frequently play games and also spend a lot of time working on the computer because it will help prevent health issues from occurring.

Well, I hope that the article has been informative, and please comment below on your thoughts about gaming chairs or if you have any questions!